Serving Fairfield County Since 2009
In-Ground Vases

Most of our flower arrangements
are delivered in single-use plastic
vases that are staked into the
ground.  However, we do offer a
variety of in-ground vases that can
be installed in front of the
headstone for a more permanent
vase option.  These vases are often
designed specifically to match the
headstone, so please call us to
determine the best option for you.
Site Maintenance

Grave sites often have landscaping
that needs some trimming or
occasional watering.  Our services
can be tailored to meet your specific
Easter and Christmas

TLC offers standard items such as
palm crosses and wreaths, but
other items are designed
specifically by TLC.  Baskets of
blooming bulbs for Easter and
planter boxes or grave pillows and
blankets for Christmas are some
With our fresh flower bouquet
program, you can arrange for
flowers to be delivered to your
loved one's site for special
occasions throughout the year - in
one simple step.   Simply click on
the link below to select the holidays
and specific dates that are
meaningful to you.

You pick the dates; we'll deliver the
flowers.  It's that simple.