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2019 Mausoleum Silk Flower Program
Available exclusively at Willowbrook Cemetery in Westport and Oak Lawn Cemetery in Fairfield.
Honoring the deceased with the laying of flowers is an age-
old tradition that is carried out time and again in
Willowbrook Cemetery and others.  We understand the
value of this tradition in both the mourning process and the
celebration of a life.

When the final resting place is a crypt or niche in a
community mausoleum, the challenge is to find a way to
balance this tradition with respect for all owners.

We are pleased to offer a flower program that provides
tasteful decoration of your loved one’s crypt or niche.
For 2019, this program includes spring/summer silk flowers
displayed April through August; fall silk flowers displayed
September through November, and a special holiday
arrangement displayed for December and the holiday
season. Each flower arrangement is individually designed;
samples are shown below.  Mounting the vases requires no
drilling so there is no disturbance to the crypt/niche shutter.

As always, TLC will provide you with a digital or printed
photograph of the arrangement each season.
Please note that this flower program is the only Board-approved decoration of the mausoleums at each cemetery.